Nordic Spirit is made from Nicotine

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Nordic Spirit is a popular brand of pouches, especially popular in the countries of the north. Its main feature is an unusually refreshing taste and peculiar flavor. Besides, their products are truly tobacco and smoke free.
However, people’s opinions about Nordic Spirit differ. Some consider this brand to be really safe for health. But in fact, this is not entirely true. Nordic Spirit products are not completely organic and therefore may be harmful to humans. If suddenly, you use it incorrectly, then you will most likely end up in the hospital. This is due to the composition of the "pouches" and low moisture content.
Another noticeable minus of Nordic Spirit is an excessive coldness in the mouth after using the "pouch". Perhaps someone likes this scandinavian freshness, for many it will seem too icy and unpleasant. Also due to severe dry mouth, these sensations can last long enough to prevent you from enjoying the taste.
And finally, it is important to say that the prices of">Nordic Spirit for all products are on average 15-20% higher than ours. But at the same time, the quality of Killa is many times better.
Whether you are on a long haul flight or stuck in traffic: whether you are still in the office, or hitting the books; whether you are rooting for your team at the stadium, or hanging out with mates - Nordic Spirit is with you.
Nordic Spirit is:
- 100% tobacco free, with a steady delivery of nicotine after just a few minutes.
- The small, soft nicotine pouch fits neatly under your top or bottom lip, letting you enjoy all of life's moments.
- No smoke, no vapour. Enjoy indoors, outdoors, in public spaces and even when travelling.
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